Modern English Founder, Jamie Harris

Image: Marc Lilius

About Modern English

Modern English was founded in London, in 2013. It makes contemporary, unisex shoes and accessories in collaboration with traditionally-skilled craftsmen and women.

Modern, English & Independent

Small and fiercely independent, the brand operates away from the Fashion industry, at a slower pace. With one employee it cannot do otherwise.

Founder, Jamie Harris, handles every part of the business, from initial design and pattern-making, through to managing production and eventually packing each item off to its new owner.

All products are created in close with traditionally-skilled English craftsmen and women as Jamie is passionate about the notion of employing these 'old hands' to make modern, thoughtful and uplifting objects.

Design and development is willfully unhurried and production runs are often limited. New products are released only when existing products have been sold; the old making way for the new.

Modern English currently sells only in the UK - by appointment at its studio and online. We operate a waiting list and will also accept individual orders on some items.